Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Winter's Return

Old man winter is back from buisness trip out west and once again at our door step. We have a few interesting event coming up. One is of course the snowstorm on the way and second is the extreme cold on its heels. Let's start off with a few images of QPF for the event.

Generally most models are predicting 0.25" (minimum) to a maximum of around 0.75".  On a normal 10:1 ratio (10 inches of snow per 1 inch of liquid) I would forecast a 3"-7" range but this storm is much colder than the typical systems we get. In fact the ratios could be close to double the "standard" near 20:1. Below is a sounding and it's showing the tempertures well below freezing through the entire column. This could cause a 3"-7" to be more like 6"-12". 

I'm going to post a snowfall map later tonight once I get a better idea of the QPF amounts. 

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