Tuesday, October 16, 2007

This is quite interesting? Don't you think?

World Temperature change in past 100 years.

Doesn't this fit much better than C02?

Notice how in 1996 low NAO made it a colder year, now look at 1998 NAO peaked and its the warmest year on record? Hmm... Interesting. Too bad the NAO records only back to 1948. If you find that shocking the artic and anartic ice records are only 27 years old. How do we know 1934 (new warmest year on record) didn't have a record minimum ice extent?

Does C02 fit the temperatures better?

(I would say not.)

Whats with the 800 year lag in C02 after temperatures went up?

Ill give you the reason why, Anthropogenic Global Warming is a lie and it a phase. Come on! Man made C02 makes up a fraction of a fraction of the atmosphere and allows plants to grow healthier and bigger! C02 is also one of the weakest greenhouses and water vapor and methane are the strongest of them all. I know, let's tax water vapor! That should stop global warming.

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