Friday, September 19, 2008

Back in action...

Good day ladies and gentlemen! After only posting a few times over the summer I am finally getting back into action. Farmers almanac has come out to say that this winter for our area should be colder/snowy than average and it could be a trend that continues for the next decade do to fact that our sun is still showing no signs of sunspots. Everyday our sun remains inactive there is a net loss in energy reaching our atmosphere, and also the solar wind slows down allowing more cosmic rays to enter our atmosphere. For those of you who don't know cosmic rays are charged particles that originated from a star that has ripped itself to shreds, you may call it super nova but I call it suicide. Anyway these cosmic rays enter our atmosphere and create more nucleation sites which is where cloud droplets can form and with more clouds more of sun's life giving energy is bounced out back into the vaccum of space. My next blog will be posted within a few days all about the climate crisis we face if the sun does awake within atleast the next year.

And did you notice? Fall is here! Well not for a few more days but my high temperature today reached a balmy 60 degrees and tonights low should get down to around 40. The trees back in August in Sussex county had a lot of color going on but since then 5" inches of rain has fallen in the first week of September and tropical storm Ike took those colored leaves right off the trees putting us with very little change going on now. You can expect some nice fall foliage pictures in the coming weeks as well!

Well it is tradition on my blog to start off the season with the winter outlook! That will be coming up the first week in October, mainly because I don't feel like doing a lot of researching right now and I have loads of homework. I do have a little hint for you though go back to my March 27th blog about the big snowstorms that hit our area and read up.

I also like to wish my blog it's 1 year birthday tomorrow! Well, I have been writing blogs for two years plus but that was on myspace and I left due to the amount of spam I was getting whenever I posted.

Another thing I will be going over in this blog to get everyone ready for winter is the NAO, AMO, AO, PNA, and etc... You get the point, a bunch of random letters right? Well some of these expecially the NAO has huge say in what our winter will be like.

Anyway I would love to sit here and talk all day but within in the next few weeks expect:
-NAO discussion
-Winter Outlook
-Fall foliage pictures
-Solar output
-Recap of last winter
-Farmers Almanac forecast
-Perhaps first frost of the season?
-Perhaps first New England snow!? (We will start snow blogs October 1st)

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