Sunday, October 4, 2009

Cold snap coming, with snow?

As of now all of the long range weather models see a cold shot coming down out of Canada and a storm coming up from the south. Each one is most certainly showing snow for most of the northeast, even in the big cities. The GFS, CMC, NOGAPS, and EURO are all having the same idea and are staying consistent. There is a possibility of snow, but as of right it is unsure what will happen on October 12th.

GFS model:
Euro model:
CMC model:

Check back in tomorrow for latest updates to see what evolves out of the models!


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Haha, Henry is the man. When I first started my blog I actually name it Meteomaddness, not even having a clue that Henry already picked Meteomadness. Although he is really Meteorological Madness. I was somewhat upset when I googled by blog and found his.

Right now the weather models are backing the storm off to the far north but that could change over the weekend. Snowfall is a possibility, atleast flurries.