Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fall is here, and its going to feel like it

This is my first blog of the fall season and on that note we should take a look at the current fall

Most of the state has little to no change but the northwest corner is showing up 30% color and some of the deeper valleys and ridge tops are near moderate color.

Now let's talk cold air. Yes I said cold air. On Tuesday the 29th the strongest cold front of the season will bring the first freeze to most of northwest Jersey and points south will get their first frost. Now since harvest is still a few weeks away this could be a crop killing cold spell, and farms deep in valleys will suffer the greatest loss.

The cold spell will be at it's height on the first of October and will last at least five days. We may have seen the last of 70 degrees + days until next spring. The season is changing and that will be very evident in the upcoming week. Hang tight everyone Mountain Creek will open in 70 days, or maybe even less? Only time will tell. But keep checking back in cause if interesting weather is heading our way you can trust I'll be the first to let you know :)


Chris said...

I love you new page. It has a lot more contrast and it stands out. I CANT WAIT FOR WINTER. what do you think about this winter? people said its supposed to be a good one since the rainy spring or summer or something?

Darren Milliron said...

Thanks! I made a lot of changes for the upcoming season, cause personally I think it's going to be the coldest and snowiest in 10 years. I'll be posting my winter season outlook in a few weeks!