Saturday, March 5, 2011

March On

Snow cover is gone in most areas except north facing terrain and areas in shade. Local resorts have a decent stock pile of snow which should last for the coming weeks, but the high March sun will rapidly melt most of it in the next 3-4 weeks. March is typically the snowiest month for higher elevations above 800 feet in NW Jersey while February is the snowiest for lower areas. Unfortunately this March does not look favorable for much snow anywhere in the region, although we can't turn our heads just yet.

Here is a look at the storm for Sunday: (Not wintry by any means)

After a solid dump of rain again this month another storm will unfold by weeks end, this one could be a candidate for higher elevation snow but it's way to early to really tell.

Now I do think the ski and snowboard season could last into late March this year. Reason is because it looks like a nice weather pattern is shaping up that would keep things cold (by spring standards) and could it bring some snow? Northwest Jersey is only around average for snowfall this season with totals around 49" and last year many places topped 80". Actually our season total this year is equal to what we received last February ALONE!

Spring is just about here so get your last turns in before your hitting yourself in the head come April!

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