Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Snow Begins

The snow has begun to fall lightly across the area and unlike the last system will slowly begin to increase in intensity. Today is an all snow event for north Jersey, however the entire system will not be. We have a warm layer inversion moving in tonight which will melt the snow falling through the column and with temperatures still cold at the surface will refreeze back into sleet pellets before hitting the ground. Example below.

This will cut accumulations down but sleet accumulates quickly on roadways and will only create a thaw resisant blanket over the snowpack. This snow is sticking around for at least the next week.

Below is a QPF map from the GFS which has been handling the winter weather much better this year than the NAM. 

Not all of that liquid will fall as snow otherwise I would be calling for a 12+ in locations. Snow map is below and enjoy. I'm going to hit the slopes today.

P.S. More snow coming Tuesday! How much? Stay tuned....

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