Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Long range forecast...

Yes, the long range forecast. I hate these, the only reason I do it is because it is cool to see if it comes true or not. Well here I go.

The next week should be August like and will be very NICE! We could even see one or two more days of 80's but after that we are done with 80's till next spring. So enjoy it! There is something very interesting that is making me go back to an old saying I use during the winters months "One extreme leads the another of the opposite". I believe that will most certainly happen too. It will be warm and dry for the next week and half to two weeks but then in time for October things will change dramactically!

The NAO and AO are types of high latitude blocking and if current projections are correction they will both tank in two weeks time. This will bring cold and weather pattern with it to the eastern US and maybe the first freeze event of the year. The models are not showing this yet but I bet they will in a couple days. Below is the link, check it out!


I know I said I would do a fall foilage blog but nothing really has changed just yet, I will be doing one in coming days.

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