Monday, January 7, 2008

One extreme leads another...

One extreme leads to another, ofcourse, that is my saying about how our weather acts. When we had 15 degrees for a high and then 60 just 4 days later I consider that extreme and tomorrow will be even hotter with temperatures nearing the mid 60's and 70 will sneak into South Jersey toward Camden. The warm air came in to try to balance out the abnormal cold air and start to slowly become colder as the week progresses, after tomorrow anyway.
By next week we will be back to normal, normal, in my book there is no normal. On August 28th it was 58 for the high with rain and January 7th it was 60 and sunny and warm, I don't believe in normal, lol. In my opinion we have two snow chances (coastal) in our future. Let's check them out.

The first is in the time period of the 14th-15th of this month. The model has been all over with storm and currently has it going to sea and brushing the mid-atlantic and south Jersey with light snow. I don't think that will happen. The trend is to bring the storm up through the great lakes and create a secondary low off the mid-atlantic coast, thats how its been all year and I don't see why that would change now. We will have to see what the new model runs say when they come out tomorrow. (click for larger image)

The next storm is much more impressive and almost the perfect storm. The GFS does this all the time and I know that it will change with the new model runs. I won't even go into detail with this because it won't happen, well, I can't say it won't but it most likely is a lie courtesy the GFS.

The NAO is expected to go neutral but if these storms are still on the models tomorrow I will bet money that the forecast will change to negative...

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