Saturday, January 12, 2008

The parade of snowstorms begins...

Well I woke up to a very pleasant surprise this morning. To see that the GFS and all the other models have finally agreed upon a solution, with a bonus. The storm on Tomorrow night into Monday according to the models right now will dump 5-10 inches of snow, northwest Jersey above 1,000 feet is the HOT SPOT right now for the major snow accumulation. As long as the models stay where they are we should have the first 6+ inch snow event, but remember just 15-20 miles west or east of us will DRAMATICALLY change the amount of snowfall. This is why storms like this are almost unpredictable until it actually happens. Check it out, the map is clickable.

Ok Darren, we a get a snowstorm thats great! Well I told you I have a bonus. And it comes in the form of more snow! A clipper will follow right behind this storm system bringing a good 1-3 inches across the area. But that's not even it! For the next 2 weeks atleast cold artic airmasses will invade the region and there will be no chance for spring like weather and the snowmakers will run whenever they want!

Are you excited? Good because I never told you the bonus yet. A second snowstorm is almost certain on the 17th-18th and according to the GFS it is just as powerful (if not stronger) than the one we are getting tomorrow night. We will take a better look at this storm when the first one is over, take a look.
"Ok Darren enough with the bonus thing, your gunna give me a heart attack". Yes but I'm not done. The NAO is going negative which is great news for coastal develope and backs the idea for the several storms coming our way. "WAIT? Several? How many?" Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you about the 20th storm! That is a little far out right now, but its on the models. And there is more after that.... but let's take this one storm at a time. I am going to make an attempt at a snowmap later on tonight, this should be interesting...

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