Monday, March 17, 2008

Snow news is good news...

After taking a break with having no snow I am getting back into storm watch mode because I see a pattern setting up which could make March go out like a lion? Well maybe not but lets just check out what the models are saying... (All maps are clickable)

First off, some people have been telling me we are getting a snowstorm on Tuesday, I love it when people try to convince me this things when I know better... You can trust me, its going to be all rain...

Let's skip into this weekend, I'm talking border line long-range. Well, it is long range. Anything past 3 days for me is not trust worthy therefore too far out. It's pretty pathetic considering todays technology. This shows some snow flurries getting into our area and if it comes a little closer we might be getting a dusting, but nothing to get excited. It's just good to see the flakes fly!

Now this is where things get interesting. A big storm is on the models and with a negative NAO I will bet money it will happen. But where it tracks is completely unknown. Lets see the DGEX, GFS, and EURO models. Each show a storm passing to our south with unseasonable cold weather for this time of the year and quite impressive if you ask me. I don't think the cold air will be this strong and if the storm track is just right when can be right in a nice swath of spring time snow. This could be our last chance, if that has not already passed... (Click for bigger images)

The extremely long range shows a blocking pattern setting up with very cold air for this time of the year. I also believe that as soon as April hits spring with start up and cold and snow won't be seen until next fall... This is upsetting to me but you can expect tons of global warming blogs, and I will try not to make them to biased. I will update tomorrow if the models show favorable changes..

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