Sunday, April 6, 2008

C02 levels drop!

Yes, the title says it all. The atmosphereic CO2 levels in 2007 were more than what the CO2 levels are now at the 2008 maximum. Check out this graph: (click for bigger image)

So, why did they drop? It seems like everything has been dropping as of lately including temperatures, CO2 levels in the atmosphere, and solar activity. While lots of things have been rising world wide including Antartica sea ice extent, polar bear populations, snowfall around the world, glaciers world wide, and gas prices. All of these, well, except for gas and polar bears can be explained by one thing. The sun.

As the ocean temperatures decrease they can absorb more CO2 out of the atmosphere and since almost all of the worlds oceans are colder than average it wouldn't surprise me that CO2 levels would drop, but this is ridiculous. Something else caused this happen and what that is, I have no idea... Check out the current ocean temps. (Image from Patrick Henry.)

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Anonymous said...

Um, you cut off the important part! It ended up peaking much higher. Why lie?

Don't believe me? Go to the source and see for yourself!