Sunday, April 27, 2008

Do you believe in global warming?

I just wanna make things clear. People seem to think that I don't like the environment and that I deny basic scientific knowledge. Let me get this straight.

What I don't believe in:
-Anthropogenic global warming from man made green house gases

What I do believe in:

-Renewable energy
-The green house effect
-Taking care of the environment
-Climate change
-Between the late 70's-1998 we
were in a warming phase
-Between 1998-2008 we are in a
cooling phase

I don't hate the environment and I'm not evil, and don't put words into my mouth. If you believe in global warming 100% and you don't know what the chart means below you need to do some research and stop believing everything you see and hear is true...


Larry Sheldon said...

"Believe" is word best used for theology and related areas of my life.

For science, I prefer facts and probabilities and such that don't require belief.

Darren Milliron said...

The fact of the matter is Larry, if you are a "believer" in anthropogenic global warming and you don't even know what the milankovic cycles are you need to do some research on the topic.

Most of society only get's a one sided story and somehow it is perceived as fact? What's going on here? For science you want probabilities and facts. Correct? Well let's see, is the sun (a million times the size of earth 93 million miles from earth, burning at 10 million degrees) the source of the slight change in temperature over the past or is it the .000384% of C02 in our atmosphere? Come on... probaility is that its THE SUN!

And it's a fact that there is no proof of anthropogenic warming. So can you please elaborate on your statements?

Unknown said...

Hi, Darren!
Please tell me where did you got this chart from? It looks almost too good to be true. If it's true (and it looks so), it's the proof of one of the biggest scams of mankind. I'll also be interested in finding out how it has been obtained. Can you recommend me an article about this?