Monday, April 21, 2008

Solar Cycle 24 running out of time...

Back in January of 2007 solar cycle 24 (sc24) should have started up throwing us into the next 11 year solar cycle of electromagnetic storms, flares, prominences, and a stronger solar wind with massive amounts of radiation coming from the sun. Well, as you know, it has yet to show it's appearance. Solar cycle 23 is now running toward a 13 year interval at solar miniumum. This is causing major problems with our climate that can be seen right now.

The sun has shown very little activity and each day that goes by our planet could continue the 10 year temperature trend of .6 degree drop C. Solar cycle 24 being one year late coincides with the following:
-C02 levels dropping this year
-Sea levels dropping this year
-.6 degree temperature drop
-Record Antarctic sea ice extent
-Amazing come back of the Arctic sea ice
-First bagdad snow ever
-Record snow in China
-Record snow in New England
-Record snow in the mid-west
-Majority of the worlds oceans colder than average
-Earths rotation sped up

Wait, Darren. I get all of that except the for the earths rotation speeding up? Well, think about an ice skater spinning around with arms out. When he or she brings in the arms toward the center of rotation, what happens? They move faster! Earths rotation is always slowing down due to a lot of things like continental drift, gravitational pull of the moon and sun, and the earth losing kinetic energy from the source of what made it rotate in the first place. But what happens if more mass ended up at the poles? In the form of ice? Scientists need to add in "leap seconds" as the earths rotation slows but since 1999 (after the year 1998 which is when the earth started cooling) the earths rotation actually sped up. This comes as a surprise and is because more mass has gone to earths center of rotation. I wonder if the record Antarctic and Greenland ice has anything to do with it? I think so...

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