Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm getting sick of winter....

Well oddly enough yesterday was very cold by late April standards and a wintry mix fell in the higher elevations of New Jersey most of the day with nothing more than a trace. This makes the snow season from Oct 27th- April 20th, but it's not over :(

As I look outside now the ground is white, but it's hail from a T-Storm that just passed. And hail IS NOT wintry precipitation, never was and never will be. Come Wednesday into Thursday cold air will move into the area and the GFS suggests snow accumulation!??? Yes, if this is right, just 20 hours from now, areas 1,000 feet and higher in NJ could get 1-3 inches of snow. Oddly enough the next day will get near 70 followed by 80's the next :0

If winter type precipitation ends up falling in May this year then I will begin a rampage on the whole global warming scam. Because it's not supposed to snow 7 months out of the year in Jersey, sorry, it doesn't happen "with all this warming :/"

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