Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Where the heck is spring?

Usually by this time of the year the grass is being cut, the trees are full of buds, rain is heavy, and warm days come often. That statment leaves most of us saying "Well why has it been freezing cold and snowy?" First off I want to mention that April is now running 3.77 degrees below the average for the month, that means we need some serious warmth to raise that number. Things should start to get warmer now and hopefully we have had our last snow and our last freeze.

Another problem is the lack of precipiation, so far our area has only picked up 0.77" inches of rain in April and only 5.14" inches all year! Last year at this time we had 15.22" inches already which makes us over 10" inches below last year! Not a good sign, and one I don't believe will be fixed any time soon.

In my previous blog I talked about how we would experience a hot dry summer, but I'm starting to think twice about that. Our sun is going through a time of very low activity and it is going to affect summer temperatures. I'm still calling for a dry summer but now I think that summer may be slighty below average temperature wise, with a shortened season, meaning fall will be quick to move in with a leaf drop completed before Halloween. That also has something to do with a dry season.

Let's see what happens. Now that winter is over my blog entries will start to become very scattered over time but keep checking back for possible trends in the 09-10 winter season? :0 yeah.... we got awhile

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