Sunday, August 9, 2009

Monday is gunna bust!

Forecasted high temperatures from Noaa, Weather Channel, and accuweather are all going to bust horribly tomorrow. The current forecast is way too warm!

Noaa: 92/69

Weather Channel: 93/69

Accuweather: 92/66

First off this summers high temperature in my town (Netcong) is 83.2 degrees back in the middle of July. Sadly enough we only broke 80 ten times all summer long, and since the average high in the summer is 81 that makes it significant. Secondly the "highlands" region of Jersey which extends from Mount Olive, Netcong, Stanhope, Byram, Hopatcong, Jefferson, and extending all the way up to West Milford does NOT get very warm. In fact there is only one spot thats colder and thats the High Point Monument.

As you can see below that "highlands" region has never broken that 100 mark. So if you live there, you may never have experienced 100+ temperatures. It's clearly a signature of the 1,000+ foot elevations and the area ranges between 97-100 for ALL TIME high temperatures. So tell me, do you really think we are going to near the ALL TIME high temps in a summer such as this? The answer is no. I think, unfortunately, that weather forecasts now are biased toward "warmer" weather because that's how things were back in the global warming days. But for the past few years it seems that all the forecasts have been way too warm, and that's due to cooling from the inactive sun spot cycle which can be compared to the Dalton Minimum.

So what's the forecast tomorrow? Here we go:


Check back tomorrow for verification. Because if I'm under a "heat advisory" for 87 degrees (when the average high is 81) then NOAA has some issues to work out...

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