Saturday, November 28, 2009

Snowmaking is in the forecast...

Things have certainly cooled off the past day or so now. And strong winds removed all the leafs from my yard (no need to rake). I know it's been a rough season to forecast so far, and it's been challenging. Especially when the forecasting models are not into agreement on anything. But the NAO and AO are now negative and thats going to be noticeable with cold air and storms riding up the coast about two times every week, and some may yield snow. But we don't want that right now, we want arctic air for snowmaking. And it seems like that will move in for the 5th of December and Mountain Creek should be able to open the slopes on Saturday the 12th (a week later than projected) which isn't too bad I guess.

Check back in because we have snow chances this week. All I got yesterday was fllurries :(

P.S. Killington Vermont has had 10 inches of snow since yesterday. Look at the pictures from today vs. the one on my blog yesterday.

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