Friday, November 27, 2009

What is happening?

Ok, so I didn't make a snowmap. Simple because I don't think anyone will be accumulating snow. But snow will be flying in the air today! Without a doubt. But we DON'T want it to snow. If it snows then when resorts want to start making snow they can't because the base will have a rough time holding up against the weather with a weak layer at the bottom. So let's get some REAL cold air first.

This picture is from Killington VT about five minutes ago. As you can see it's almost December and it's raining here and not a single drop of snow. It's not just us.

The arctic oscillation and north atlantic oscillation are both negative now and getting more negative. And it's cold, and we have been dominated by low pressure. But where is that arctic air we need to start blowing snow? It's not just Mountain Creek, but EVERY resort on the east coast is currently not operating. This will change now, starting from north to south, but the low elevation of Mountain Creek is going to hurt badly. I don't see a snowmaking window (reasonable snow making) any time soon. There can be some night this week that blowing could take place, but I really don't recommend it because it will warm back up during the day and rain storms seem to be in our future. I hope this moderate El Nino collapses soon, because this is so far is a typical El Nino pattern. I even remember El Nino years with only 8 inches of snow for the whole season, but that was the strong El Nino of 1998. Let's just sit down and try to not think about snowboarding... or it will eat you alive

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