Sunday, October 24, 2010

I'm ready for winter...

These past few days I've taken a big break from blogging. And that was the long process of winterizing my fish pond, camper, boat, and waverunner. On top of that I have sreen houses on my patio that needed to be taken down, umbrellas, chairs, tables, torches, law statues, and etc which needed to be cleaned down and put in the basement. I'm finally done. And now it's going to get warm again. Can you see any irony?

First off most places in the Northwest corner have had their first frost. And those of you at lower elevations already had your first freeze. For example High Point hasn't had it's first freeze, but Hope Township has already had 3 and Pequest has had 7!

Most shocking of all was that there were some isolated snow showers on Radar in the early evening of Friday last week. I personally can't confirm that the pecipitation was hitting the ground but I have a strong feeling that it did.

The pattern for this week won't supply much in the way of cold weather, and it looks like October this year is going to end up snowless for most of us. A good indication that a good sized November snow event seems to be in the cards later in the month. Good news for ski areas that want to open a little earlier than planned...

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