Saturday, February 23, 2008

One down, a lot more to go...

Well, this winter may not seem to be "harsh" but things are now changing. Did you notice that the last storm over Sussex and Morris county was mostly snow? The area got between 6-9 inches of snow and brings the season to date snowfall to 35.50"-45.00" so far. That brings us closer to our average and I still think we will make it to atleast near our average of 65"-75" inches. So Darren, you really think we can get 30.00" more inches before the end of the snow season?

Yes I do. And here is why. Coming up this week the models are showing a storm coming in going from rain to snow but that 540 line is really close to us and since we have 1,000 feet of elevation that usually helps us out a lot. If the models keep trending a little colder and snowstorm like this could produce 6-10 inches but right now that seems to be just north of us. I'll update this later on when I know more.

Now if we don't get that storm there is a leap year storm on the maps as well! So February which already dumped 13.63"-14.25" across the area may bring even more. And could chop down at that 30.00" we need to hit average.

March which is usually our snowiest month of the season with knee deep snow looks to come in like a lion and I think it will. We still have one month left of winter and March could be the best of all, and I'm really looking toward the first week of that month. And then April, yes April always brings us something in the way of snow, and I'm sure it will. We have had April snow for the past 5 years since I starting keeping records and they range from 4.5"-Trace amounts, but its still snow!

So this season could in fact change its color before its too late! I hope...

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