Sunday, February 17, 2008

The start of winter????

We are going into a new pattern, one that I see as favorable for snow, believe or not. First all, the La Nina which have been responsible for a warm January and February is now starting to become weaker, which is a good thing. The NAO also has its strongest influence during March and April and believe me, it will go highly negative.

As I look out my window right now its 38 degrees and raining. Here in Netcong we only had 29.30 inches of snow this season but I can how how we will end up near average for the winter because March could hold 1, 2, maybe 3 coastal storms that give major snows to the Appalachians and maybe the big cities. And April seems to hold some snow as well which is not to rare in northwest Jersey.

Cold weather will dominate this whole week after Monday's rain and clipper systems will ride through the track and if any precip falls it will 100% be in the form of snow. And I think anyone from Maryland northward will pick up a nice blanket of snow. After that I can't say for sure what will happen, perhaps one more rain storm before our storm pattern change from snow to rain, to rain going to snow. I can see how that happens and my final forecast for 07-08 winter season total snowfall ranges from 43-55 inches. That still puts us 1-2 feet below average but if solar cycle 24 don't kick in soon up coming winters may be more than we bargained for...

More in coming days...

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