Sunday, February 3, 2008

Rest of the season looks bad, THEN!!??

Since my post on January 21st we have had little in the way of snow. I simply have not made any posts because there was nothing to post about, to tell you the truth the groundhogs that saw their shadow may have been wrong. The models keep showing some snow storms but the NAO stays highly positive and that makes me not believe it. If the NAO goes negative I can say for sure that a storm is coming, it always happens. In the long range all I see is more rain and more ice, but no snow.

Well whats doing this Darren? A whole list of things but not global warming. The AMO, and NAO are part of the cause but so is the la nina out in the pacific. I think Mountain Creek in Vernon could be in trouble in trouble with losing snow. The next two week will be mild and rainy, until... Yes, I see a bright future ahead. The la nina weaken, the NAO goes negative(has its strongest influence in March), and the pole vortex comes down out of siberia. This will happen between the 15-20th of February and from then one till the end of March I see a very cold and snowy pattern. As for April, a snow event may seem a good bet for the first week! If Mountain Creek plays their cards right they could be open for the first week in April, but from then on, its spring...

Went so damn fast..... :(

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