Monday, March 9, 2009

Deep snow then T-Storms?

Just one week ago it was 3 degrees and a foot of fresh snow had fallen here in my hometown of Netcong NJ. And early this morning thunder storms rolled on through waking me up in the wee hours of the morning. I love March, it's so unpredictable. (Check out the radar below, my town is right at the point of the arrow)


Anonymous said...

soo... I have a question, me and my friends have spring break and wanted to do at least a 2 day trip somewhere and stay over 1 night somewhere... any suggestions? lol I'm sort of annoyed, it seems like its going to rain pretty much everywhere tommorrow including vermont and any of those places. We were actually gonna do another trip to Mountsnow, but they have a flood watch as of now haha.

Any suggestions for one last trip?

Darren Milliron said...

Well, most I can suggest is go out west. Lol, just kidding. Personally I wouldn't suggest wasting your time going snowboarding in most places of the east this weekend. Almost every resort will pick up rain and severe arctic cold will pool to our north freezing the surfaces over to a sheet of ice.

If you are really "set" on going this weekend then I would suggest Saddleback Maine (8 hour drive though). Lift tickets are $30.00 and it will most likely have the best snow in the region (but still not very good). Keep checking the weather for Rangeley Maine maybe something will pop up.

If your thinking about going during the week then Stowe VT, Killington VT, and Saddleback ME will be the first to return back to pack powder conditions.

My suggestion is wait till next weekend. The models are showing a storm system giving those areas a good dump (assuming they are right). That's when I plan on heading up.