Friday, March 20, 2009

What to do?

Here is an update on the Morris Canal situation. This is what I received from an email I sent out:

"The town of Stanhope drained it to inspect the culvert under the pavement which runs past the firehouse. They had a sinkhole in front of the firehouse last year which concerns them in not being able to get firetruck out of the firehouse. Right now they are looking for funding to remove silt from basin (HPO approvals are in place as well as Land Use permits.) The section of the canal basin behind the post office needed an archeologist on site to clean out (will probably be cost prohibitive). He can contact Stanhope administrator for more info"

Now what? This could go on for months or even years trying to get funding in a state that is neck deep into debt. Environmentalist groups in NJ should know about the problem, perhaps it could help speed up the process. More updates as time goes on...

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