Saturday, March 21, 2009

Let's recap winter 08-09

October 2008:

Well it all started in October believe it or not with our first frost on the 7th and our first hard freeze on the 20th. Then a week later on the 27th rain showers started to change over to snow which fell during the night time hours putting down just a coating. Next thing we know the temperature fell below freezing most of the day putting down 6" inches of snow in Netcong and 14" at High Point, only the higher elevations got anything measureable. If that wasn't bad enough some snow squalls on the 29th put down another 1" inch and the ground on Halloween was covered in snow at my house! We will use my town since it's right in the middle of the area I focus on.


Actual High: 58.1 (-4.7 degrees)
Actual Low: 39.9 (+1.9 degrees)
Month Temp: -1.4 below average
Days of snow: 3
Days of snow cover: 5
Amount of snow: 6.05"
***15 seperate records broken in Netcong

November 2008:

November was lame compared to October, not too much to talk about other than it was colder than average.


Actual High: 46.0 (-5.9)
Actual Low: 33.3 (+2.3)
Month Temp: -1.8 below average
Days of snow: 4
Days of snow cover: 1
Amount of snow: Trace
Days below freezing: 4
***2 records broken in Netcong

December 2008:

December was an interesting month that brought 3.16 inches of rainfall, 13.8 inches of snow, and 0.30 inches of ice!


Actual High: 38.2 (-2.8)
Actual Low: 23.7 (+1.7)
Month Temp: -0.5 below average
Days of snow: 11
Days of snow cover: 15
Amount of snow: 13.8"
Amount of ice: 0.3
Days below freezing: 10

January 2009:

This January was among one of the coldest on record and the only precipitation that fell was in the form of snow or ice. The musconetcong river near my house froze solid, a first for me. Parts of the area broke several records for all time cold with temperatures in Walpack NJ nearing -20 degrees.


Actual High: 27.3 (-8.6)
Actual Low: 13.7 (-3.3)
Month Temperature: -5.9 below average
Days of snow: 15
Days of snow cover: 29
Amount of snow: 12.7"
Days below freezing: 24!


Record dry month and the only month of the "winter season" that was above average temperature wise. This can be because of the lack of snow cover.


Actual High: 38.7 (-1.2)
Actual Low: 20.8 (+2.8)
Month Temp: +0.8 above average
Days of snow: 6
Days of snow cover: 15
Amount of snow: 5.25
***Record driest month


March is not over yet so it's difficult to give a good overview. I would have to say that it's probably right on average thus far except for a lack of precipitation, but we have had a surplus of snow. Because of lack complete data set so far temperature will not be included yet.


Days of snow: 4
Days of snow cover: 7
Amount of snow: 11.7
Days below freezing: 3

Overview 08-09:

The snowfall for the area ranges between 40"-55" which is about average in the lower elevations but the higher elevations usually get a little more and that is still totally possible. In fact the areas around 1,000+ average 1.2 inches of snow in April, and it's looking like that may happen. If you live below 1,000 in Jersey then it may be done for you, but some areas still are likely to keep getting the snow. (And just yesterday March 20th West Orange got 2 inches of snow!) It has been a dry winter though and the rivers and Lakes are very low, typically they are over flowing this time of the year. If April doesn't bring it's "showers" then I fear a drought will persist over the summer which is typical in weak La Nina years. I will use this information to start working on my summer forecast, so check back for that in a few weeks!


Days of snow: 42
Days of snow cover: 72
Amount of snow: 49.5"
Days below freezing: 48
Temp Deficit: -1.35 below average

Winter was much colder than average and snowfall was at to slightly below average (so far)


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Why don't you write an article for the school's newspaper about this, Darren! :-P

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