Sunday, January 17, 2010

Better late then never

The storm is here and most of us can see that. I also just woke up because of my staying up late playing sim city. Anyhow for all of us this storm started out as just plain rain, although the higher elevations started off with a brief period of sleet. Even at my window perch 972 feet above sea level it's just rain, but the temperature has dropped from 35.9 to the current 32.9. This tells me the storm is generating it's own cold air, which is what I have been thinking would happen. It will go over to freezing rain, then sleet, then snow eventually once the upper air pattern cooperates.

The most recent soundings from the 12z really do not support much in the way of snow. The upper air is about a degree to warm. Now if the storm deepens more than the models are showing then we could cool off enough for accumulations. And for this reason I'm not going to make a snow map, because I can show you nothing that means the atmosphere will support snow. We also have next Friday?

Let's see what happens...

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