Sunday, January 10, 2010

Let's make it warmer?

The title of this blog makes you think. Why would he want to make things warmer outside? For one I need to get my Christmas decorations inside which are all frozen to the ground and second it's to cold and dry to get big snowstorms. In December we had a day or two of warmth separating each cold snap with snow, and it's that kind of a pattern that brings in the heavy snowfalls. Essentially its to cold to snow. So let's make it a little warmer, then things will get interesting. The following are weather events to come.

Monday Night-Tuesday:
With cold air persisting over the region a clipper will bring in a reinforcing shot of cold air, nothing harsh but just enough to keep things cold. Along with it comes the chance for snow in northwest Jersey on the order from 0"-2", but that's a hit or miss situation and elevation will play a role. The precipitation won't make it over the mountains/hills so areas south and east will have nothing but clouds, if that.

We will finally go above freezing these days which will not benefit the ski areas because the surface will transform into an icy hard packed variety (No me gusta). Anyhow, mild temperatures into the upper 30's and even low 40's will move through the area melting a good chunk of the soft powdery snow that has built up on the ground the past two weeks. This warm up does have a good side, and I think you will agree.

Sunday-Monday (Next week)
An area of high pressure will move down from the north bringing back the cold air (but not to cold) and a low will be coming up out of the south. The exact situation is too far out to really know what's going to happen but it seems that whatever happens will mostly likely be the snow variety across north Jersey as a whole, all I know is that the cold air will not give in this time. Here is a look at the GFS for our NEXT potential BIG storm?

After all this is said and done what happens next? Well I honestly cannot tell you. Maybe we warm up or perhaps we go back into a deep freeze. Both could be a possibility, but let's handle the appetizers first then move on to the full course meal later.

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