Saturday, January 29, 2011

Next Week Is Going To Be Rough

A major storm is coming in two parts for next week, and wintry precipitation will be falling Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday. This time the storm will be cutting west of the mountains putting us on the warm side of things, but a stubborn high pressure system to our north will not give up without a fight. Most models right now agree that the storm will drop snow (plenty of it), go over to sleet, and then freezing rain to end. Maybe even some snow on the back side. Either way, by the time the storm is over the snow cover in North Jersey could approach or exceed 30".

Most the models have been tracking the storms to far west lately, and that includes the GFS and EURO. Then just a few days from the event it tracks it back to the east. So let's count on that happening again since it's happened that way since the Christmas storm. One model has been very impressive lately though, and may be my new favorite. The Canadian has been consistent with the storms so far this season and may have surpassed the EURO as the Guru of the models. It shows North Jersey really getting slammed and staying as frozen precipitation all week long.

To check out the 12z run of the CMC go to this link:

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