Monday, January 24, 2011

The Storm Is Coming

It's been a complete head ache, but I think I may finally have an answer to the big question. No, I don't know who REALLY killed Kennedy. I do know what the next storm has to offer...

First off the models are still all over the place, but they all keep northwest Jersey as all snow. Second the storm is no longer Tuesday-Wednesday, but Wednesday-Thursday. And third it's not clear where the heaviest "band" of snow will be.

Right now most models show a situation like this: (NAM)
A tongue of precipitation on the backside of the storm system produces heavy snow for several hours and totals accumulations could range 8"-12" and better. And the possibility exist for the storm to become a total monster.

The soundings support an all snow event for areas west of I-95 at least. Some forecast are saying sleet or freezing rain which isn't going to happen. The upper air pattern will not support such precipitation for extended period of time because it lacks warmer air aloft.

We are just going to add onto our snowpack that's been building this year. And most likely double it with a wet heavy snowfall. Tomorrow I'm going to post a snow map so check back then. I have a feeling we are in the strike zone this time in NW Jersey...

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