Saturday, February 5, 2011

No snow...

Well todays storm took a much warmer path than the models were showing originally yesterday, which isn't a surprise to me. All we got was more freezing rain and sleet which is typical of La Nina and I think this is what most of the winter will be like from here on out. Of course we will get snow every so often, but the persistent dumps of snow and prolonged cold spells are thing of the past.

I originally forecasted a season where the snowfall would be slightly below average and the temperatures slightly colder than average. I still think by the end of the season temperatures will moderate and end up about where I though it would. Now most areas in NW Jersey is around 40" for the season, and the average is about 55" which I believe we will surpass.

Now that the snowy pattern is coming to an end, welcome to La Nina... Ice, Ice, and more Ice.

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