Sunday, February 20, 2011

Snow Map February 21st

Let's start right off with the QPF for the next 36 hours. Just look at the totals over the mountain ridges in Pennsylvania. Over 3 inches of liquid, that's impressive!

For us here in NW Jersey the QPF is between 0.50"-0.75", and yes it will be all in snow form. National Weather Service is calling for sleet to mix in, but I just don't see that happening. In fact I have no idea where they even got the idea of mixing. Soundings like this one below for Sussex Airport (KFWN) tell us that the column of air will be below freezing all the way down to the surface.

To my knowledge this indicates all snow, and I'll put my money down on that! The liquid equivalent (QPF) suggests a snowstorm along the magnitude of 5"-8" but I'm going to be conservative with 3"-6".

P.S. The potential still looms for another storm by Friday. Of course the precipitation type depends on the exact track of the system.

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