Tuesday, December 9, 2014


The precipitation this morning never really started as snow for most across the area, instead the upper air warmed way to fast. When the precip started it was actually rain at 32 degrees, but in the image below the rain caused the surface air to cool down to 27 degrees with heavy freezing rain here in Netcong. The blue circle is the clear indication of when the rain started and cooled the column. We didn't rise above freezing till 12:00 noon.

This storm is very different from others. Normally the jet stream would take this storm north and spin it up into Canada, but this is a cut off low pressure system meaning the main jet is way up north and a piece broke off and is just trapping this system over the northeast. The image below helps to illustrate. 

This system could still be around in northern New England till Saturday and Sunday! This storm was born here, intensified here, and will essentially die here until it exhausts all it's energy and the atmosphere stabilizes. 

The system will have some slight re-strengthening and keep spiraling bands down over the region. The tricky part is that these bands will essentially sit over the same areas with little movement and produce accumulating snow. Question is where do they set up? My snow map is a complete shot in the dark and depends on where and if these bands move over New Jersey. 

Don't be shocked to see some surprise snow totals across the the higher terrain and also don't be surprised if your area gets nothing! Okay, I'm ready for the next storm...

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