Sunday, December 16, 2007

It's not so bad!

After looking outside my front door at 6:00 a.m and seeing heavy sleet covering everything I realized something. This stuff is a great base builder for ski resorts like Mountain Creek! If it was powder than they couldn't blow snow on the bare trails because the base wouldn't hold, but this stuff is an excellent start! So far this year Netcong where I live has recieved 14.50 inches of the white stuff and its only mid December. We still have 3 1/2 months of snow left to go and April can always surprise us! I think we are doing great in the snow department for northwest Jersey. As for Mountain Creek, I have been keeping tabs on the snowfall there with some good friends and so far their season total is 17.75 inches + todays storm, so they are doing just fine for so early in the season. Just to give you a heads up, this time last year Mountain Creek had a season total of 0.00 inches (06-07) , 14 inches the year before (05-06), and 0.25 the year before(04-05). Yeah, we are off to a terrific start.

As the warmer air, it is coming but not all that bad. Snowmaking won't be very extensive but we will make due. As for snow the models are going with a Christmas day storm but I think it will end up being on Christmas eve. That fact is we are in a trend that could last months, perhaps it will be an all sleet event or snow or the 4 letter R word. But one thing is certain, there will be a storm around the Christmas time period.

Check out some of these cool images when the storm finally blow up off the coast:

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