Saturday, December 15, 2007

The January Thaw

Something I have been warning about for awhile was that mid December straight through most of January will be very warm. That is still going to happen, sorry. The models bring back warm air into our region next week and keep it here. This means that snowmaking may be limited to night time, if we are lucky anyway. Mountain Creek seems to have a nice solid base at South anyway and should withstand the warm spell that can last most of the winter. There will be cold air masses coming through once and awhile but nothing to get exited for.

As I look at the once great snowstorm for today I become upset. It shows all ice and then just plain old rain, and lots of it. Some people are mad at me for telling them that feet could fall in the matter of days, well I didn't. I look at the models and tell you what they are saying as of real time, nothing more, nothing less. The models are innaccurate and these are the same models used to forecast global warming 50 years into the future and they can't even forecast 2 days out. Funny, isn't it?

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