Sunday, December 23, 2007

Last blog post till the new year... its interesting

You can read about the winter so far in my last blog as well as my January outlook, but whats going on with the models? Well the rest of December looks pretty upsetting and snowfall and snowmaking will be rare if at all. What really interests me is that the last day of December looks really warm and with the NAO going negative that should lead to really cold the next day later, so snowmaking could possibly resume in the new year.

So Darren, your getting excited for some more cold air? No, I am not. Im am excited because extreme warmth going to extreme in a days time means one thing. A low pressure system to balance things out. On the 1st-2nd of January the GFS is showing a major northeast storm and its one to watch but knowing our luck and the la nina it might just be all sleet again. I sure hope not. I looked at this morning on the model and thought "Gee that won't happen" but then I chekced the NAO and it is going to negative and everytime it goes negative we get a storm. The fact is the storm WILL happen. But where, who, how, why, what, and when are all just spectulation right now. (You can click on the map for a larger view)
All this looks to perfect for me. Way too perfect, and that is why I am bringing my computer to Vermont with me and hopefully I will get a chance to get on and write some updates. Until then you have every right to envy me while I'm boarding at Stowe!

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