Thursday, November 13, 2008

2nd Major snowstorm of the season?

Well as I have been saying for the past week its going to get cold next week and if any system comes into our area its most likely going to be snow. In October we already had our first major storm in Northwest Jeresy when areas above 1000 feet picked up 6-14 inches of snow. The 18z run has a major storm on the maps for the 24th of November which would bring similar totals to the area. It's only one run of the GFS and considered extremely unreliable but because it also showed this storm a couple days ago it makes me think. The actual chance of this major storm in my mind is around 10% but if it stays on the 0z, 6z, and so on then I would have more faith in it. It's still very far out and only time will tell.

Besides that major nor'easter it seems likely that northwest Jersey next week will get some lake effect snow squalls and areas over 1,000 feet could pick up between a dusting-2 inches of snow which is really nothing major. With cold air in the area clipper systems will be coming down out of Canada which will also bring snow mostly to the higher elevations and away from the coastal areas. One thing for sure is that we are being tossed into winter and the rest of November starting Monday will be 8-15 degrees cooler than average.

Here is the snowstorm for the 24th. It's only eye candy so don't take it to serious.(Click for bigger image)

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