Friday, December 19, 2008

Round 1 over

Well, what an amazing storm! Netcong picked up 7 inches of the white stuff which brings the season total to 15.15 inches! We should be well on our way to 70+ inches this year with 55+ inches in the Valley of Sussex county. I was snowboarding most of the day and I would estimate the bottom fo Creek got 6.5 inches and the top had well over 10 inches. It was amazing!

As for tomorrow snow showers will be around and snowmaking will go round the clock! I don't suggest going to Creek tomorrow because it will be VERY crowded. Try going at around 5:00 at night when everyone leaves, or go Sunday night. The Sunday storm looks to be all frozen precip but more mixing could go on, but it seems that the area will get 4-8 inches. Check back tomorrow morning, I will post a snowmap and some m0dels!

Have an awesome weekend!

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