Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snowmap for Dec 21st

This next system coming in will bring 4-7 inches across Sussex county with higher amounts in the highest elevations. The snowmap may need some revising as time goes on but it's a good illustration of whats to come. The problem with this storm is the lack of precip and it's a quick mover, but this one should remain all snow.

Here is the NAM model for Sunday's storm:

Let's move on to Christmas storm, although it's not good news. As of right now it looks like the storm will be mostly rain. The only thing is the models just 4 days ago showed a storm on the 19th being rain, and we all know it was snow so things can always change.

How much snow did you get in your area? Any questions or comments? Let me know! Have an awesome weekend and check back often.


Anonymous said...

Hey, good job on the maps! How was creek, here by sussex airport, on Newman road we got 8.2 inches... it was great!

Darren Milliron said...

Sweet, keep track all winter long to see how much you get!