Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Big Storm

It's 12:12 A.M on Wednesday and I cannot sleep. The reason is I realize that I am about to experience history. But let's recap winter so far.

The first snow was October 15th followed by the 16th, then the 17th, and then the 18th. Yes, it snowed four days straight in the middle of October. For the Second October in a row we had accumulating snow. Both years were followed by snowless and mild Novembers, but the year before had a HOT October and November brought a surprise 6-10 inch snowstorm on the 19th. Perhaps it's something of interest with long term weather patterns?

The total snowfall so far this year for my house is 52.65 inches, along with 68 days of snow cover and we are currently in a 29 day stretch of consecutive snow cover.

Like the graph? Yeah I get bored. Anyway, I have also had 44 days this season where my day high time stayed below freezing. The average per year is around 31. Last year we had 50, which I do not think we will beat. The lowest temp was January 10th at 6.6 degrees, not very impressive for a winter.

As I look outside I see a thick, thaw resistant snowpack. That's what it is, snowpack. It's been building up since January and has become so solid you can walk on it and only make a small impression in the snow. It's not going anywhere for a long time. And now we are going to add what could be several feet on top of it.

Just take a look here:

That's a blizzard with heavy snowfall measured in feet with hurricane force winds. This could be the storm of the century. Your going to experience history if this is the scenario that's going to happen, because this make January 1996 look like a walk in the park.

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