Sunday, February 28, 2010

History Is Being Made?

Well. I got finally got my snowstorm. The 8.5" inches of snow that I had on lawn turned into 31.5" inches in just a days time. Season totals in the higher elevations are now between 70"-90", more than what I thought. More than what anyone could have imagined. The thing is we still get snow in March, and even into April most years. It's not done yet.

First off here are statz of this winter season: (Netcong NJ)
Days Below Freezing -44
Season Total Snow - 77"
Days of Snow cover- 72
Days of Wintry precip- 32
Biggest Storm Total- 24.5" (Feb 25-28 still snowing now)
February Snow Total- 48" (That's Killington's Feb Average)
Longest Below Freezing Streak - Little over 300 hours!

And take a look at this drift, and that's me. In my camo, it's cause I always feel like I blend in with the trees when I'm boarding soft powder in the glades at Killington. Yeah, I do have some issues to work on.

Now on to the weather. Today snow squalls with being coming down out of the north and could produce some thunder. Anywhere from a trace to 2" could accumulate with the most in the higher terrain above 1,000 feet. (This is still the storm that dumped all snow since Thursday, just its part of that total)

Mountain Creek also has a 50"-60" inch base. Which is the highest that I personally have ever seen and just goes to show how much snow fell. I was walking just off the trail cause I fell in powder and the natural snow depth was up to my stomach on the north face of Vernon. That's 40" of natural stuff. These snow cover depths beat January 1996, and that's not easy to do. And snow melt will be slow and even more gets piled on.

Wednesday is our next possibility for snow. But as of right now does not look to good. It seems as if the low is going to go out to sea to far south for us to see anything more than flurries or a few snow showers. Of course the last storm shifted track on the models two days before! Let's see what happens to the system up in Maine early this week. Once that is out of the way the models will get a better grasp on the mid-week threat.

The fact is now that its March and most likely everyday will getting into the 40's in the coming weeks and 50's aren't too far off either. March comes in like Lion, but always seems to leave like a Lamb. And that should be the case this year. Remember this winter, because your going to talk and hear about for a very long time.

Check back this week for snow outlooks.

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