Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow Snow Snow

We have a good chance at a nice little snow event Monday-Tuesday. Right now I would say it looks like a 3-6 inch event for our immediate area, but we can handle that. It's just a little dusting right? Anyway the purpose of this blog is what the 00z Euro model is showing at 216 hours out for the 22nd of the month. This could mark the end of this snowy and cold pattern, or just be an addition to snowmaggedon. It's still far out, but the GFS has been showing it as well:

Winter in the east next year may not be so "great" so enjoy this pattern while it lasts. By the way check out the current snow cover. It extend from the Canadian border to the Gulf coast, and that includes Florida! All 50 states currently have snow cover, wow.

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