Monday, February 15, 2010

Clipper snow map

Ok, we have a nice little clipper moving on through the area tonight into the day tomorrow. Now this time northwest Jersey is the winner, not by much though. Elevation will play a role this time because lower areas will be near or above freezing, which is why accumulations near the city have been cut down. I can see how there are a lot of 4 inch and 4.5 inch amounts but the higher terrain will pick up at least 6 inches. While the snow will be brief toward the city it will linger on and off through day Tuesday north and west as the clipper tries to bomb out off shore. Good news is I can see how Killington gets foot of freshies, and since I have a season pass there that makes me happy!

Here is the total QPF over the area:

And here is my snow map for the event. The 6+ won't have to occur where I indicated, I was just trying to show that higher terrain in some areas will squeeze out half a foot. Other than that I think this map will work pretty well for everyone.

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