Saturday, February 20, 2010


Alright well I won't be around for long today. So let me just give you the run down for this coming week. First off we have a warmer system moving through Monday-Tuesday, this will make for a heavy wet snow around 1,000 feet and mixing with rain will occur below that. And yes big accumulations may come out of that. Second we have a storm trailing right behind this one that will get caught in the polar vortex and will sort of be sucked in off the coast right back inland. A classic set up. The only problem is the models are not in agreement, and it's to messy of a set up to start calling for accumulations and when/where they will happen. Tomorrow sometime after noon I will post another blog, by then I should know exactly what's going to happen. It looks interesting to say the least, and any weather personal that tries to give you a forecast before then is taking a shot in the dark because this is not going to be easy to forecast.

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