Friday, February 12, 2010

Snowmaggedon Continues....

The deepest snow cover in the east right now isn't over Vermont, Maine, or even Mount Washington. It's over the Mid-Atlantic states, and that includes the nations capital. So far Washington D.C, Baltimore, Philly, Atlantic City, Delaware, South Jersey, South Eastern P.A, all of Maryland, and Northern Virginia all officially have their ALL TIME SNOWIEST WINTER on record going back to the late 1800's. It's normal for a city or two to break the record but an entire region? By this time tomorrow every single one the States will report snow cover on the ground. And that includes Florida! No doubt areas down there will also report all time season records, considering winter storm warnings extend into north Florida!!!

Here is the nations current snow cover:

Here is the southern snow storm:

And some people will be saying that more snow and cold is a sign of global warming. I say those people need to get theirs heads examined. Because no matter what happens with the weather, they say it's a cause of human induced global warming. It's complete lunacy, and as the world continues to cool they will find a way somehow someway to blame man.

Okay, enough of my ranting before I bore you to death. Let's talk more snow. Yes, it's coming again Monday night into Tuesday and it looks right now like a 3-5 inch event which we will add on top of our already deep snowpack. Check out the latest GFS run for the storm (needs to be watched closely for possible development):

Beyond this storm it looks like there is more to come. But let's take it one at a time? Snowmaggedon isn't letting up anytime soon and will continue right into March as the Arctic Oscillation is in the tank. I've never seen a weather set up like this before, this is a season people will talk about for years and years to come like the infamous 1996 and 1978. This is what the AO looks like:

Right now my town has 44"-47" inches of snow for the season (elevation depending), and today will mark day 41 of not getting above freezing. Last year we had 50 inches of snow and 50 days below freezing and we will break that in the coming weeks.

Remember if you ask nicely, the snow gods will provide!

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