Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Elevation snows?

Well at first to me it looked like this upcoming storm would be mostly snow but not accumulate to more than half an inch or so. The latest NAM and GFS at 00z just came out showing a colder solution than the previous runs. If the model below is correct 2-4 inches across most of Morris, Sussex, and Warren counties with 4-8 inches across the areas above 1,000 feet. Let's see what the models tomorrow say, if they stay with the current solution, or get colder than things could get interesting.

Here is the NAM, click for bigger image:


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've been checkin NOAA and Weather.com sounds interesting. I just got a question, if your willing to answer it.

I'm trying to plan a trip to Mount Snow possibly this weekend, what exactly do you think the snow ammounts will be up there? And do you think its worth waiting till next weekend (the 10 day calls for chances of snow almost all week long after this weekend up there).

Right now I'm just going to wait I guess to see how this first storm roles out.

Any suggestions/information will be appreciated though.

Darren Milliron said...

Mount Snow is in one of the snowiest places of Vermont. This storm now will be an all snow event for them and they already have a good two feet of natural snow on the ground now and three to four feet up top!

I was just up that way this past weekend and they still had powder from the previous storm. The only thing is that this weekend will have nice snow in the glades, and a nice powder/pack powder surface. By next week you could be risking the chance of a thaw/rain event which could make surface conditions worse.

If they get a decent dump from this storm than it may be wise to go this weekend, plus they might get some mountain snow showers this weekend coming up. I suggest this weekend, to play it safe, but of course it's your call.

Anonymous said...

yeah I think your right haha I'll let you know what happens if I go.

Darren Milliron said...

Yeah, I'm actually going to Lake Placid this weekend. Hopefully things should be pretty sweet.

Anonymous said...

well I'm back from mountsnow, it was pretty sick, never been there before, packed powder, and pretty much powder with the ability to ride off trails. It was sick, I was stuck in pow up to my thighs almost to my waist at one point in some glades lol. Good call on the rain possibility, there supposed to get almost a foot by monday now, but rain friday according to the new forecast.

Darren Milliron said...

That sounds sweet, I was going to go to Whiteface NY but changed my mind as I was on the thruway to go to Killington, thank god I did, or I wouldn't have been able to ride waist deep powder as well! :)