Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Is 13 really so bad?

So, anyway, it appears my original forecast came true, I thank one of the blog readers for pointing that out for me. This reminds us to stick to your gut feeling, and I had a feeling that the storm would track further west than the models showed, and it did. Our next chances for some serious snow is Friday the 13th and then again on the 15th of the month, the end of February will be colder and snowier than the first half and that will continue into March. If you don't know already, March is the month where the NAO is usually strongly negative and that means big storms are not out of the question. Winter is far from over and in fact I don't think we have even seen the worst of it...

As I look outside at my snow depth stick I can no longer see the 1 foot line, with a 14 inch snow pack it isn't going anywhere, and it's a hard packed snow pack. I melted it down again today and the liquid equivalent is 2.60" inches, that's INSANE and should be more like 30" inches on the ground!!! Northwest Jersey has now had 3 to 4 feet of snow in the higher elevations, which is now slightly above average.

Folks, we are having a BAD winter, while we may not be getting blizzards, we are breaking records for consecutive days of snow pack, January only got above freezing for 32 hours, and every month since October has been below average, significantly. The snow that fell in mid December is still in the piles on the parking lots and curbs along your street and since December 31st snow cover has been on going and adding up over time. Today will mark the 40th day this winter season that the temperature did not rise above freezing in Netcong and high point monument will have it's 50th day this season not above freezing! The usual is 32 days per winter season and we are already well above that...

And what's with London getting 10 inches of snow the other day? They have been getting snow since October which isn't supposed to happen. Shifts in oscillations are occurring and the sun is still spotless, global cooling is upon us and seems likely to occur for the next 30 years until the world begins to warm again. That's my personal opinion and if you would like to challenge that please do, it's a topic of debate, and I would be interested in your thoughts.

I will talk about long range tomorrow and provide some interesting statistics of this winter vs. all the previous winters since 2004.

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