Saturday, February 28, 2009

Snow Map, March comes like a lion!

Wow, GFS went to heavy high snow ratios: (That's a good thing!)

Snow map: (May need some adjustment)


Chris said...

Yes baby yes!I can't wait. Im mad though, the coast is getting more, and were on the line of 3-6 and 6-12.... Defintally going to happen?

Darren Milliron said...

Yeah, but a shift just 20-30 miles in either direction would most change that. If it tracks just 30 miles east then we get 3-5 but if it tracks 30 miles west we get 12-18 inches.

It was just a pre-map based off of one run, from one model. But right now that's what I'm seeing and I like that map.

Chris said...

BOO YAH BABY. right on the money. 8 o clock getting heavey and about 4 inches on the groudn already. about time?!

Darren Milliron said...

Sounds like your getting ripped off. I have one foot here at the southern tip of Sussex County