Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wednesday warmth

Temperatures in the 60's, anything goes!

If your reading my blog today (Wednesday the 11th) get the heck off the computer and go OUTSIDE! It's beautiful! Anything goes today :)

-Go Snowboarding (T-shirt)
-Go Mountain biking
-Go hiking
-Go walk your dog
-Go ice fish (ice is still strong enough in most places, walk with a 2x4)
-Go hunting
-Go for a walk/walk yourself
-Go fishing (trout are thriving this time of year)
-Go to the park
-Go snowshoeing? (I still have two inches of snow, that will be gone SOON)
-Go take nature photos
-JUST GET OUTSIDE! Winters revenge is coming, and don't be surprised to have a T-Storm tomorrow with thunder/rain/lighting/and snow? Yeah, it's that extreme....

If you have read to this point, GO OUTSIDE! :) Enjoy this awesome day!

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