Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Is the NAM right?

Okay, well I can't really tell if the NAM is correct or not. The recent run shows an even colder solution with more precipitation. Backing it up is the NMM model, Canadian, and now the GFS has trended slightly colder (but not to the extent of the NAM). The only issues we have working against us is
1: Lack of current snow cover
2: Warm soil temperatures
3: Lack of cold air

If we can over come these issues (all related to temperature) by getting colder air in, than we have a shot. I really believe the area will pick up a few inches of snow if the models are correct, and the highest elevations will get as much as eight inches (at high point). Then again, I am only really going off of one or two models. Let's see if this model below is right or not:

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